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Beauty Courses in Chester

Beauty Courses in ChesterWe are an academy that is dedicated to offering beauty courses in Chester for anyone who wants to become a beauty therapist. We have a wide range of courses available depending on that you would like to specialise in. We have massage courses, facial therapy courses and even nail treatment courses. We approach the entire spectrum of beauty therapy in short, easy to complete sections that allow anyone, from beginners to professionals to learn new techniques. We are a well respected academy with some of our courses being VCTC accredited. Many local authorities require salon owners and therapists to hold a qualification in order for them to issue a local authority license.

You can become a beauty therapist at your own pace. In Chester, beauty courses cover the whole range of therapies needed to become a salon worker or owner. The only limit is your interest in the different arts of health and beauty. If you are looking for employment in a salon or spa then you will require a VCTC qualification. This is also recommended if you wish to open your own salon. Level 2 and 3 qualifications are usually required if you wish to gain employment on a cruise ship. VCTC qualifications are usually recommended as they demonstrate proficiency within your skills. To obtain the qualification students will require home study following training days and must attend assessment days as well.

We offer some of the most comprehensive beauty courses in Chester. Once you have completed the end of course examination paper and found to be competent we issue a certificate. Contact Elite Spa and Beauty Academy today and book one of our courses. Much depends on what you want to do with your qualification. If you simply want to offer occasional treatments from your home then our ABT accredited qualification will be sufficient. This will allow you to gain public liability insurance so you can work on paying clients. It allows you to start earning straight away while working towards further qualifications.

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