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Dermalogica Facial Courses in Warrington

Dermalogica Facial Courses in WarringtonElite Spa and Beauty Academy is approved to offer Dermalogica facial courses in Warrington. If you are involved in the industry as a practitioner or student then you know Dermalogica skin treatments are highly sought after by clients seeking the best skin health possible. When you enroll in our Dermalogica courses, you will find these treatments differ from other facials you’ve learned. You will learn skin mapping, which is analysing the clients skin by zone and identifying the condition of each zone. A perfect command of the Dermalogica product line and ability to match the product to the skin condition is the pathway to proven results. That is what your clients will be expecting.

When you master this course of study, your clients will enjoy naturally healthy skin. For our students in Warrington, Dermalogica facial courses lead to a  professional Dermalogica skin therapist license. As an intensely trained health expert in skin mapping and skin condition diagnosis you will prescribe the treatments proven effective for their skin condition. Dermalogica treatments include exfoliating, deep cleansing, massage and masques. There is nothing artificial about the results; it’s the clients healthiest possible skin revealed. Beauty results from optimum health. Clients are thrilled with the results of Dermalogica. The highly trained practitioner will find these courses add a lucrative skill set to their salon services.

Dermalogica facial courses in Warrington expertly  taught at our Elite Spa and Beauty Academy. Our approved instructors will present you with accurate information and training so in private practice with your clients, you can offer the same results you see at our spa. We are proud to partner with the trusted Dermalogica brand in presenting this Level 2 course of study to our students. The Dermalogica brand of treatments and products is well known and respected in the industry. For the serious facial salon, Dermalogica treatments is essential. Contact Elite Spa and Beauty Academy and schedule a space for yourself in our next round of classes. Our Academy is where you gain the knowledge and skills to start your own salon or be invaluable to an elite salon of your choosing.

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